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30 seconds to mars icon challenge

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What is this?
This icon challenge is for the band 30 seconds to mars each week the members will be challenged to make the best icons they can! You can be a beginner or professional this comm is just for fun so you wont have to worry about being voted out! So before you join up please read further down....
The Rules
The rules will be posted with the challenge each week but the basic rules are:
o1. Each icon must fit to lj standards (under 40kb, 100x100 etc.)

o2. The icons must stay anonymous until the voting is over. If you break this rule you will be disqualified from that weeks challenge.

o3. You must make your own icons and dont get your friends to help or vote for you! Thats just cheating and not fair.

o4. Please both friend and join its easier on me to manage.

The challenge will be set during the voting period of the current challenge. Submissions Sunday, allowing approx a week for artists to create their icons. Voting takes place from Sunday til Wednesday, and results will be posted on Wednesday night...
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